Tatiana Vasenko

Senior Consultant

Tatiana has over 10 years experience in supply chain social compliance and responsibe sourcing. She has conducted over 500 social assessments in 45 countries across Eastern and Western Europe, Central Asia, Africa, Asia and the United States. As a senior social auditor and training supervisor in the Europe Mid-East Africa region, Ms. Vasenko has led multi-disciplinary audit teams on high level assessments across a range of sectors, including extractives and manufacturing. She has carried out supplier training events on two continents and for multi-cultural audiences. She has trained and managed more than a dozen auditors across the EMEA region. She has worked side by side with brands in the supply chain as a lead auditor for brands shadowing supplier audits. She is experienced in working with local government and civil society organizations, including trade unions, and has expert knowledge of regional labor and safety regulations.