Becky Palacios

Director, Global Operations  
California, USA

Becky Palacios has 16+ years of social responsibility and supply chain experience in numerous roles including quality systems, training, supplier and vendor relationship management, operations, and as an assessor. Prior to joining the ARCHE Advisors team, she managed the Audit Analysis team at The Walt Disney Company within the International Labor Standards group, overseeing 14,000 audits each year as well as managing the North America Regional Management team supervising 5,000 licensees and vendors. She has conducted over 1,000 social, agricultural, management systems, and environmental health and safety assessments in 20+ countries in a wide range of industries. Becky’s ground-level understanding of social responsibility assessment, combined with her experience managing large teams with various levels of complexity, bring a balanced perspective to the challenge of managing a global team of assessors.