Charlene Elenes

Client Relations Manger

Charlene Elenes has developed her skills in a multinational corporate environment managing social compliance programs over the last 14 years. She develops strategic relationships with clients and provides holistic solutions to suppliers and vendors in order to align them with the client’s values for a long-term business.

By utilizing her auditing experience, Charlene provides accurate and timely information to both clients and suppliers on developing and implementing their CSR programs, assessing risks through management systems and best practices, root cause analysis and identification of systemic issues as well as corrective action process to comply with applicable regulations which is linked to sourcing decisions.

Charlene has experience managing social programs for Brands, Retailers, Vendors and Initiatives (EICC and JRC). As a social compliance auditor, Charlene has international auditing experience performing over 600 audits in 32 countries on 4 continents in a variety of industries such as garments and textiles, food processing plants, agricultural, technology, hard-lines, toys and jewelry.

Charlene has lived in Mexico, USA and Sweden and speaks English and Spanish.

You can find Charlene on LinkedIn.