Julianne Williams

Manager, Information Systems
Los Angeles, USA

Julianne Williams has more than 25 years of IT-related experience, previously working as a programmer and project manager for several large organizations, including Guess?, Inc. and Warner Brothers. She has developed, implemented, and managed many end-to-end projects migrating large scalable database systems to give clients and team members real-time access to data while providing flexible and accurate reporting. She is experienced in many data platforms, programming languages and interfaces. As part of her work with Guess?, Julianne was part of the team to enhance the manufacturing system to track the location of each piece of the garment at any given time from cutting, dyeing, washing, sewing, and finishing whether in-house or at an outside vendor.

With ARCHE Advisors since 2014, Julianne manages and develops the data systems supporting all aspects of the business. Julianne leads ongoing development efforts, oversees data security, and coordinates client interfaces. In addition, she supports a global team of users through training, problem-solving, and reporting.