Melisa Cerizza

Regional Manager, Europe

Melisa has 10 years experience in the world of Social Responsibility by assisting brands on monitoring their supply chain through audits, consultation, training and community projects. Melisa is based in Italy and has collaborations with relevant CSR non-profit associations such as Fair Wear Foundation, Clean Clothes Campaign and Fair Labour Association. She has expertise in the textile and food supply chain along with preparation of country risk assessments and seminars with stakeholders’ collaboration.

Melisa also has valuable experience in the jewelry sector through RJC certifications and traceability projects. She is currently working on the role of Chinese subcontractors operating in Italy and on the preparation of a CSR course for Milan Institute of International Affairs.

Melisa is co-founder of MoCT an organization specialized in developing CSR programs companies by evaluating the impact their activities have on the local communities and environment. MoCT creates a collaborative partnership between the business sector and local NGOs by engaging, associating and promoting company profiles into social projects within the community.

She is a certified SA8000 auditor and has audited in 40 different countries. She speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Melisa is following European clients for ARCHE Advisors. She is also the Founder of ETHOS RSI and a freelance CSR auditor for FWF and FLA, and a regular presenter on CSR and Sustainability in Italy.