Michaela Reisinger

Director, Client Relations
Hong Kong

Michaela Reisinger has over 15 years’ experience in client relations in social compliance and responsible sourcing of supply chains and quality assurance. During this time, Michaela lived and worked in Asia and Europe, working closely with Fortune 500 and European companies and their supply chain partners around the world. She developed and maintained monitoring programs for companies engaged in various industries, such as consumer products, food and agricultural sectors and most recently extraction and mining business. Michaela participated in several industry associations such as BSCI, SEDEX or ICS in their Social Code of Conduct monitoring groups. She worked closely with individual member companies during the implementation, auditing and reporting stages of SCoC monitoring programs. Michaela worked most recently, with members of the Responsible Jewelry Council and the EICC in their efforts to monitor their supply chain partners and raw material sources in the extractive sector.

Michaela is a ISO9000 Quality Management Systems auditor and holds a Masters in Corporate Social Responsibility from London Metropolitan University. She speaks German and English.

You can find Michaela on LinkedIn.