Pepa Medrano

Scheduler, Latin America
Puebla, Mexico

With over 10 years of experience in the social responsibility industry, Pepa brings a wealth of hands-on experience to her current role. Beginning as a social compliance assessor, Pepa has conducted more than 500 social and WRAP audits throughout Latin America in a variety of industries including apparel, textiles, toys, manufacturing and food processing. As a manager, Pepa oversaw operations and supervised assessors in Latin America. She was responsible for planning work, assuring conformance to client-specific guidelines and allocating staff.

Pepa has a deep knowledge of country laws and industry practices gained from her years in the industry. As a result, she is uniquely suited to work with clients and suppliers in managing their corrective action plans by providing guidance and feedback to ensure that their audit processes are completed with adequate measures for remediation.

Pepa has a degree in Business Management and is fluent in Spanish and English.