Saraswathi Jayakumar  

Program Manager, Corrective Action

Saras Jayakumar has more than 15 years of experience in Corporate Social Responsibility, HR and Ethical Standards for manufacturing and supply chains. She began her career working with suppliers of major global apparel brands in Asia before joining Walmart as an Ethical Compliance Supervisor, managing their ES auditing process for over 300 suppliers. Saras also previously worked for Bolloré Logistics in Singapore where she was responsible for overseeing compliance reviews, corporate governance, and anti-corruption due diligence process across the Asia Pacific region. 

Saras is certified in TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) and environmental health and safety auditing processes. She holds a master’s degree in Sociology and a post-graduate certificate in Global Business Management. Saras also serves on the Board of the NGO Vita Centre supporting vulnerable families in the region, and volunteers with them during free time. She is fluent in English, Hindi, and Tamil.