Wendy Carcamo

Vice President
California, USA

Wendy Carcamo has 20+ years of experience in the corporate social responsibility arena in a wide range of roles giving her extensive knowledge of over hundreds of CR programs in the industry: retailers, brands, suppliers, industry initiatives and certification programs. Wendy specializes in project/program management of CR audit programs, advising clients throughout the corporate social responsibility cycle.  She has led many client development CR programs – benchmarking, codes of conducts, creation of tools and guidance materials and education and training across a retailer/brand’s supply chain.  She has conducted over a thousand social, ethics, management systems, and environmental workplace health and safety, and mineral traceability and impact assessments in over 50 countries.  Wendy has developed and presented on numerous social compliance trainings for manufacturers, brands, retailers, and institutions.  She has lived overseas 3 years in Hong Kong China with on-the-ground knowledge of local practices throughout Asia and managing operations through the aftermath of both 9/11 and SARS.  Wendy is fluent in Chinese and English and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.