The social compliance landscape for both nonrenewable and renewable energy sources has evolved significantly over the last 10 years. Through the rapid expansion of legislation and increased supply chain data requirements, companies are asked to be accountable for their actions from source to end product. 

Global energy social compliance assessments require a specialized knowledge and skillset to understand complex working conditions of remote locations, such as oil rigs, vessels, wind farms, coal mines, etc., as well as more traditional supply chains such as manufacturing sites and administrative office locations. 

Workers are posted from different countries through a range of agencies and the source of their employment terms are often unknown, posing a risk to worker rights and welfare. Understanding which policies and procedures and law applies to posted workers requires deep investigation not only at the remote site location, but also with labor agencies often from various countries. 

ARCHE experts work directly with the client, their remote sites, and all relevant subcontractors and labor agencies to ensure adequate worker welfare practices against relevant local laws and a company’s social compliance standard. This level of investigation provides confidence to companies as well as other stakeholders such as civil society organizations and legislators.