ARCHE experts were trained nearly two decades ago by a US Department of Labor veteran in Wage & Hour Audits.  From this foundation in US labor inspection techniques, ARCHE staff spent years evolving social audits from the US garment sector to global supply chains across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.  ARCHE experts have created custom audit programs for Fortune 500 companies to support their code of conduct monitoring programs covering:

  • labor
  • health and safety
  • environmental
  • human rights
  • material traceability
  • management systems capabilities
  • ethics

In addition, ARCHE offers check the checker assessments to ascertain the performance and capability of your current social auditors. This includes shadow audits with field teams, review of management systems, training and resources available.

For investors, ARCHE offers due diligence assessments that go a step further to understanding business risk related to non-compliance as well as investment needs to implement business improvements.