Increasing complexity within supply chains poses risks to brands, retailers, and manufacturers. Raw materials are often so far upstream that brands cannot confidently determine their source. This lack of transparency poses a great risk to the well-being of workers, the fair treatment of animals, and the protection of the environment. 

Traceability can be applicable to a wide range of product types, from beef and dairy to electronics, furniture, and garments. Traceability assessments identify where and how suppliers operate while tracing products and materials through the supply chain. Essential to a brand’s identity and integrity, this process helps mitigate risk and validate sustainability claims. 

With universal experience in traceability assessments, ARCHE Advisors is uniquely positioned to customize the approach for individual client objectives. ARCHE experts work closely with supply chains to trace raw materials and ensure adequate traceability mechanisms exist, providing confidence to buyers, brands, and consumers, as well as other stakeholders like civil society organizations and legislators.