Sustainability of a CSR program can only be achieved when all players in the supply chain are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to actively participate in achieving program goals.  Whether your audience is in the board room or the factory work floor, there is a need to share and discuss the core concepts of your CSR program, gather feedback from participants, and reinforce the vision and benefits of CSR.  To that end, Arche Advisors offers worker and management training at every level of the supply chain.

ARCHE Advisors has a network of trainers around the world that can deliver trainings in the local language.  With experience training thousands of workers and managers in over 50 countries, our trainers understand how to interact with the audience to create a dynamic learning environment, allowing for greater retention of concepts, addressing of concerns, and feedback that leads to program improvements.  Topics include:

  • labor practices
  • codes of conduct
  • communication
  • grievance processes

Customized trainings can be developed based on identified needs.  In addition, our senior trainers are well prepared to support your efforts in communicating CSR challenges and opportunities to your corporate leadership and buying staff with trainings that cover CSR 101, responsible purchasing, critical new trends such as transparency, human trafficking and material traceability.