The old adage of “you are what you eat” carries more weight in modern times as the industrialization of agriculture has invited media and public scrutiny over many of the practices pertaining to the food we consume. Popular films and media exposes have led to unprecedented levels of transparency about our foodstuffs and their sources.

Animal Welfare

The humane treatment of livestock, as well as the environmental sustainability of their development has become an important issue for many food brands. And as antibiotic resistance, animal-to-human transmission of disease, and resource scarcity continue to grow in frequency, these issues will continue to be of importance to consumers and public health officials.

Labor Rights

Agriculture is among the final frontiers in most supply chains, with many food brands unaware of the source of their raw materials. This lack of transparency means that child labor and migrant labor are both prevalent, posing significant risks to food brands. Often exposed to hazardous chemicals without adequate protection and long hours in grueling conditions, many of these workers face the added uncertainty of erratic policies regarding temporary foreign workers.

ARCHE Advisors' Expertise

Our experts have been at the forefront of social and environmental issues within the agricultural sector, even being invited to advise US government policy makers on these issues.