Maya McLean

Client Relations Manager
British Columbia, Canada

Maya McLean has over 10 years of experience in Corporate Social Responsibility. As a social compliance auditor, she has conducted over 600 social audits mostly in Japan and Canada for various sectors, including garment, food processing, agriculture, and technology. Throughout her career, she has taken multiple roles, such as scheduling and preparing suppliers for social audits, providing training and client expectations to new auditors, consulting, reviewing reports and corrective action plans, and researching human rights issues and laws in Japan and Canada.

When it comes to social audits in Japan, she is the person to go to. Her knowledge of social audit practices in Japanese socio-cultural background helps people understand the limitations and gaps that exist in social audits in Japan.

Maya holds a master’s degree in Anthropology from Simon Fraser University, Canada. She is fluent in Japanese and English and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada with frequent travels to Japan.