Rachelle Jackson

Director, Business and Human Rights
Los Angeles, USA

Rachelle Jackson has over two decades experience working on labor and human rights issues in global supply chains. In this time, she has worked in over 80 countries and conducted more than 2,000 labor and human rights assessments across a range of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, food processing and extractives. Ms. Jackson has worked with Fortune 500 companies and industry initiatives on such issues as CSR policy development, code of conduct implementation and monitoring protocols. Ms. Jackson has led field assessments with multi-national corporations and NGOs focusing on child labor and forced labor in agriculture in Latin America, Africa and Asia as well as projects examining migrant worker vulnerabilities in the Caribbean, Asia and Mid-East. She served on the USDA Consultative Group to Eliminate Child Labor and Forced Labor on Imported Agricultural Products. She was recently a member of the United Nations Global Compact Advisory Group on Supply Chain Sustainability. Rachelle has conducted over 30 corporate trainings, vendor seminars and supplier trainings in more than 10 countries covering issues such as human trafficking, social auditing and code compliance. She has been a featured speaker on social compliance and human rights at conferences in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia. She has published numerous articles and contributed to book compilations on supply chain labor standards and social compliance. She has an MA in CSR, Social Auditing and Accountability from the Universitat de Barcelona.

Rachelle Jackson is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.